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"I am the product of a subtle blend of the North, the South, the West, and the East through my origins and life experiences. I don't have multiple identities; I have a singular one made up of all the elements that have shaped it. Any differences that could have arisen have been transformed into complementarities, thanks to quality teachers and coaches such as Antonio Ferreira (Studio de l'Aigle, Paris), Pico Berkowith (Closed Class Sanford Meisner Method), Pascal Luneau, Bernard Hiller (Constantin Stanislavski and Lee Strasberg Methods in Paris & Hamburg), Enrique Morales, a director (Drama School in Bueno Aires). These have all unified in service to Creativity and my profession as an actress"


Severine was born in Paris and left France at the age of 18 months. This expatriation allowed her to discover and open up to other cultures. A very sporty person (athletics, marathon, volleyball, diving), she also discovered theater in various international schools and high schools where she was a student. After performing in Molière's 'Les Fourberies de Scapin' and 'Les Précieuses Ridicules,' it was a revelation: 'One day, I will be an actress.' Her abilities for metamorphosis and adaptation earned her the nickname 'The Chameleon,' yet she decided to pursue a more conventional path.


Trained and employed by the world leader in certification, security, inspection, and risk management for several years, Severine later joins an embassy in Africa. There, she is responsible for protocol, works on cultural projects, and micro-economic initiatives. During this time, she collaborates with resident diplomats, international organizations, and the United Nations on protecting and assisting displaced persons and war victims. Five years later, she leaves her embassy position to become the administrative and financial director of a medical clinic. However, an ever-growing and compelling urge leads her to depart from this well-established professional situation in 2007: to pursue acting


Severine can be seen in various television series (such as Franck Brett's 'Balthazar,' Nicolas Herdt's 'Joséphine Ange Gardien,' Patrick Grandperret's 'Victor Sauvage,' and Jean-Marc Brondolo's 'Les Hommes de l'Ombre'). She also performs in short films that have often received awards (Nicolas Khamsopha's 'Joyeux anniversaire,' Crystal V. Lesser's 'Je suis une icône,' F. Manga's 'Mauw-Hack'), as well as feature films ('Les enfants des autres' by Rebecca Zlotowski, 'Paris to Paris' by M. Hossein Latifi, 'Hikikomori' by Sophie Attelann), and commercials (Gustave Roussy, Total, TV5,, Allianz, APEC). Additionally, she engages in voice-over work (for Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Spie, Vania, Jurathermes, documentaries). Severine has also ventured into radio (as a columnist on On Air TV radio) and hasn't overlooked theater ('Une femme nommée Marie' by Robert Hossein, 'À fleur de larmes' by Antonin Gouilloud, 'N'oublie pas les chevaux écumants du passé' by Christiane Singer), Queens' Night by Charles Mollet (2024)

Today, Severine is more active than ever: alongside her filming commitments, she continues her training with Pico Berkowitch (Sanford Meisner Method), writes, and prepares for directing."

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